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Hourglass body traits: Your shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and set of a tiny waist
Your best assets : Curves and more curves
Fashion goals : Show of your curves
Its all about balance when selecting clothes for the hourglass shape. Ensure you keep the proportions of a fuller bust even with proportions of fuller hips and thighs. Look for dresses that have a fitted top half, likewise jackets. Accessorise with belts so that your naturally small waist is showcased.

Do’s and Don’ts

DON’T hide your curves with baggy clothing
DO wear a good bra and showcase your bust
DO wear fitted dresses and jackets
DO try wrap dresses
DO go for high waisted skirts
DO wear skinny or straight leg jean


Colour analysis in fashion determines the colours that best suit an individual based on their natural colourings.

Personal colour analysis, or skin tone colour matching, is the process of determining colours of clothing and make up to match your skin complexion, eye colour, and hair colour and is used to help with wardrobe planning and style consulting.

By wearing the right colours that enhance our natural skin tone and colouring , we can:

Enhance our natural colouring
Look Younger
Lift our natural features
Make our skin look clearer and healthier
Make our eyes bigger and brighter
Make our face look more defined

Below are the colours you look best in that can be found at particular times of the year


Bright, light, fresh burst of colour – leaves are a vivid green and the colours are bright and delicate. Each and every one of these colours will catch your eye in their own right. Colours that fall into this category are: bright corals and peach, lime green, bright jade and light turquoises.


Golden blond, Strawberry blond, Strawberry red, Auburn, Golden brown,Golden grey


Ivory, Ivory with golden freckles, Peach, Golden beige, Rosy cheeks


Clear blue, Clear Green, Turquoise, Bright blue, Light golden brown


Visualise a typical Autumn day where the parks are made up of green grass, warm oranges and reds. The leaves will be a shade of gold, rust and warm browns. The colours that fall into this category are olive, burnt oranges, mustard yellow, deep warm red and the shades of teal.


Red, Copper, Chestnut, Golden Brown, Charcoal black, Golden grey


Ivory with golden freckles, Golden beige (sallow), Peach with golden freckles, Dark copper, black with golden undertone


Dark brown, Golden brown, Hazel, Amber, Green9with brownflecks), pale clear green, Blue with turquoise


These are the colours that are overall softer, its the blue sky with the yellow sun and the green grass. These colours will blend together well. Colours in this category are the baby pinks and blues, raspberry shades, royal blues and dusky jade greens and turquoises.


Platinum blond, Ash blonde, Blond brown, Light brown, Brown grey, Brown with some auburn , Blue grey


Peaches, Beige, Pink beige, Rose or charcoal coloured freckles


Cloudy grey blue, Pale grey green, Pale grey, Green, Blue, Hazel, Soft brown


This season colour, is bright with lots of sunlight, the trees are dark against pure white snow. Colours that fall into this category are cerise and fuchsia pinks, deep blue turquiose, purple and reds, bright blue and reds as well as icy blues, grey and pinks.


Blue black, Medium brown, Salt & Pepper, Silver grey, White blond, Silver white


Lily white, white with pink undertone, Beige, Rose beige, Olive, Black with blue undertone


Dark reddish brown, Hazel, Grey blue, Dark blue, Grey green, Green
We can determine which season you fall into looking firstly at whether you have a WARM or COOL skin tone. Want to learn more…….

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